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Counseling for Parents


Common Reasons Parents Seek Counseling

Parents usually consider counseling because they are worried about a child. Typical behaviors and issues involving children that cause concern often include:

  • Emotional distress — anxiety, sadness, anger, frustration

  • Academic difficulties — homework struggles, test anxiety, poor grades

  • Social or peer problems — difficulty getting or keeping friends

  • Misbehavior at home — acting disrespectfully, refusal to do chores, impulsivity, conflict with siblings

  • Risky behavior — alcohol or drug use, sexual activity, running away

  • Launching — needing to change the relationship as children get older and become young adults


When our children are in pain, we hurt as well. Please feel free to call if you would like to talk about what is going on in your family and together we will develop a plan.


How Counseling for Parents Works

Depending on the nature of the problem and the age of the child (or children) the best option may be to work with the parents only. Play therapy is a good option for young children. If your child is a teen-ager and open to the idea of counseling, individual therapy with a therapist who works with teens is a possibility. Other times we can accomplish more by working with the parents alone. This is something we can discuss when you call.

My approach is to try to understand the “why” of what is happening and the experiences and expectations of all involved. When we understand why a child is behaving a certain way, the chance of successfully changing the situation is much higher. 

This usually involves looking at the personalities and behaviors of every family member because in a family the concept of “no man is an island” is particularly true. What each person does has an impact on the others.

Working together, we will explore communication styles and develop behavior modification plans that are uniquely tailored to your children. In conjunction with increasing mutual trust and respect, this will help your family grow and flourish. And there is nothing more wonderful as a parent than having an on-going, loving relationship with our children as they become adults.

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