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Individual Therapy


Why Therapy, Why Now?


People consider therapy for any number of reasons. Individual therapy can provide support and insight that will allow you to work through issues such as:

  • Depression — feeling sad or down, loss of enjoyment, irritability, sense of worthlessness, insomnia

  • Anxiety — feeling stressed out, difficulty making decisions, frequent worrying, panic attacks

  • Relationship Issues — unable to start or maintain an intimate relationship, on-going conflict or difficulty getting along with others

  • Life Transitions — newly married, recently separated or divorced, birth of a child, career and job changes, serious illness, death of a loved one, aging and retirement

  • Grief — loss is hard – whether it’s a family member, friend, pet or job

  • Meaning of Life — what is important, why am I here and how can I be the person I want to be.

The Process of Change


Understanding ourselves is probably one of the biggest gifts we can give ourselves and those we love. When we learn to respond instead of react, to live consciously, we change the way we interact with the world around us. Unfortunately, we spend so much of our time on auto-pilot without even realizing what we’re doing or how we got here.

Studies show that a major contributing factor to a successful therapeutic outcome is the quality of the relationship that develops between the therapist and client. As human beings, we spend our entire lives in relationships with other people, so it makes sense that a safe and trusting relationship that is built during individual therapy can be a source of change and healing. Through non-judgmental awareness and self-acceptance, people begin to unfold and access all parts of themselves, and this in turn fosters healthy relationships in every area of life — with ourselves, our partners, children, parents, siblings, friends and co-workers.

Long-term Individual Therapy is not a quick fix. It requires a desire and a commitment to gain a deeper understanding of yourself. As you learn to recognize old, unproductive behaviors and beliefs and let go of them, you open the door to creativity and freedom and discovering the real you. Changing years and years of old habits and healing from the past is not easy. But it is possible.

Life is a journey and what really matters isn’t WHAT we are doing, it’s HOW. Call me today to take the first step toward feeling better.

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