Separating and Divorced Families: Co-Parenting Issues

The challenges faced by families who are going through separation and divorce are incredibly difficult and heart-wrenching. When addressing Co-Parenting issues I meet with both parents together, without the children.

This work involves acknowledging the strong emotions that come up for people when they are faced with the end of a marriage and the need to maintain a positive relationship for the well-being of their children.

Issues that are addressed include:

  • Helping parents move from their roles of former spouses to co-parents

  • Educating parents about the impact of parental conflict on their children

  • Teaching parents anger management, communication, and conflict resolution skills

  • Validating the emotional impact caused by the divorce

When separating or divorced parents make the decision to work together amicably and to put the interests of their children first, everyone wins. If you think your children would benefit if you and your co-parent addressed the issues listed above, call or e-mail me to schedule an appointment or go to my website for more information.