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The Challenges of Being a Parent

Parenting - the toughest job ever

Parenting is the hardest job on the planet. Once we become parents, nothing we do in our lives matters more or touches our hearts more deeply. Yet typically our only preparation for this incredibly important role is our own childhood experience.

I believe that parenting is a life-long job that involves an ongoing process of letting go in an age-appropriate manner. Nobody wants to be controlled, including your children, but they do want your love and support. So how do you set limits — all the while nurturing, loving, protecting and teaching your children?

Finding the balance between providing structure and rules while helping your child grow into a responsible and independent adult is what all parents want to learn. What makes this even more difficult is that there is no single solution because no child and no family is the same.

(For a framework that helps parents teach their children ways to handle their feelings, see my article summarizing “The Five Key Steps for Emotion Coaching.")

I am passionate about helping parents meet the challenges of raising children. A healthy relationship between parents and their children is a key factor in a child’s success in life — including their ability to thrive both academically and socially. A strong parent-teen relationship is critical when navigating risky behavior and decisions involving alcohol and drug use, and early sexual activity. And there is nothing more wonderful as a parent than having an on-going, loving relationship with our children as they become adults.

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